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Shouldn’t your treatment plan also be as unique?

One-size-fits-all medicine is no longer the answer.  You may have a unique medicinal need–a type that ‘one-size-fits-all’ manufactured medicines cannot meet. Whether you have an allergy to an ingredient or a dye, a need for a different strength, a medication that has been discontinued, or a preference for a different dosage form or flavor, CortexRx can customize a unique solution for you.

If you have a medicinal problem not yet adequately solved, CONTACT US. We can create the most effective medication therapy in the most convenient dosage form for your specific needs.

You will benefit from compounding if you, or a family member, needs:

  • Custom strength is best suited for you. Perhaps the medication your physician recommends will give you optimum results at 100mg, but the standardized form only comes in 60mg or 80mg.
  • Unique dosage forms. Perhaps you have difficulty swallowing pills; we can create a liquid, lozenge, or topical version. OR perhaps you suffer from chronic pain, and a topical dose of anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving medications would be best absorbed directly through your skin at the site of the affected area.
  • Flavor or lack of. Create a flavor that is more palatable. Or you prefer flavor-free and/or sugar-free due to preference or diabetes.
  • Allergy-free. If you are allergic to a filler, dye, or preservatives, we can create the medication that will work best for you without the offending ingredients.
  • Combination of medicines into a single dose, making it easier to keep track of your daily regimen.